Meeting your creative needs

About Kathleen

I am passionate about leveraging my strong tech and design skills to advance local businesses. I am confident in my ability to provide practical support to meet your businesses needs and to acquire new clients in a cost-effective manner.

My technical background combined with art lends itself to beautiful and full-functioning media. In any consulting project, my artisitic abilities allow clients to work with one person instead of multiple contractors. It is this in-house approach that gets projects to the finish line quicker, while maintaining quality.

I am half Vietnamese and Mexican and like to base my personal art around my mixed heritage. I received my BA in Film and Digital Media and Politics combined with Latin American and Latino Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In my free time, I enjoy dragon boat racing, spinning, and photographing animals.



HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
CMS: Drupal, WordPress, Alterian, Joomla!
Front-end frameworks: Bootstrap
Collaborative code hosting services: GitHub, BitBucket
VM and virtualized dev environments: Vagrant


Seven years supporting technology
Expert in reparing software and hardware

Windows 2000 - 8.1; Mac OS 9 - 10.7
Active Directory, Exchange
Network: DHCP, TCP/IP, PoE, and VPN


Adobe Photoshop (advanced)
Final Cut Pro (advanced)
InDesign (advanced)
Illustrator (intermediate)
Logic Pro (basic)

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Twitter
Hootsuite, Grum, Insights


In and outbound marketing
Digital and print outreach
Growth and engagement strategies


One year teaching English as a second language
Two years teaching software to corporate employees
Two years teaching marketing to undergraduate UCLA students


Google Analytics
Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey

BA from UCSC, a Research 1 institution
Four years experience as a research assistant to professors

Passion Project


Produced in Professor Larry Andrews' "Film 171A - Sound Production" course at UCSC, this autobiographical sound piece captures honest conlifcting thoughts of a young woman who is Vietnamese, Chinese, and Mexican: Viexicanese. The audio project explores a series of fragmented memories and interrupted epiphanies that stem from "the bus," a significant public space where the artist's identity was constantly challenged as a child. The medium perfectly lends itself to the visual imagination and allows listeners to explore the complex layers and echoes inside the mind of a young woman who is consumed by her multi-ethnic backgrounds.

Viexicanese, was created with Logic Pro and has been screened at:

  • Santa Cruz Film Festival, Santa Cruz, CA, 2010
  • First Annual Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference, DePaul University, Chicago, IL, 2010
Diana Tsuchida presented Viexiecanese at DePaul University along with an essay she wrote on it, "Listening through Love: Agency, Art and Mixed-Race Identity in Viexicanese."