Illustrator - Vectors

This was an abstract vector project that I created in college. The task was to vector a politician, place her in the desert, insert Dali's mishapen egg in the background, and add text from the Surrealist Manifesto.

mi hogar

Logo design for Mi Hogar

Geoffrey Hill

Logo design for Geoffrey D. Hill

Illustrator - Logos


Produced in Professor Larry Andrews' "Film 171A - Sound Production" course at UCSC, this autobiographical sound piece captures the honest conlifcting thoughts of a young woman who is Vietnamese, Chinese, and Mexican: Viexicanese. The audio project explores a series of fragmented memories and interrupted epiphanies that stem from "the bus," a significant public space where the artist's identity was constantly challenged as a child. The medium perfectly lends itself to the visual imagination and allows listeners to explore the complex layers and echoes inside the mind of a young woman who is consumed by her multi-ethnic backgrounds.

Logic Pro

My sound piece, Viexicanese, has been screened at:

  • Santa Cruz Film Festival, Santa Cruz, CA, 2010
  • First Annual Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference, DePaul University, Chicago, IL, 2010

Diana Tsuchida presented Viexiecanese at DePaul University along with an essay she wrote on it, "Listening through Love: Agency, Art and Mixed-Race Identity in Viexicanese."


Buisness card design for BeSpoke Cycling Studio

Aloha Brothers Surf Lessons

Design for Aloha Brothers Surf Lessons

Photoshop - Digital Banners


Design for the UCLA Volunteer Day 2016-2017 impact report. Click here for the full PDF report.

InDesign - Reports

I have designed professional, high-quality reports for digital and print release. Click here for an example of a digital impact report I created using InDesign.