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BESPOKE Cycling Studio is a premiere indoor cycling studio located in Downtown Los Angeles. I am responsible for the look and feel of all BESPOKE print and digital media material. I work with the owner to executive campaigns, creating branded media that is distributed across Los Angeles.
To leverage my skills with BESPOKE, I play a large role in the strategic planning of major campaigns prior to design. In addition to my role as graphic designer, I serve other roles as needed including photographer and content producer.
Prior to completing a final product, I seek input on the art to make sure it appeals to the target consumer and aligns with the business' mission. I also work collaboratively with the FIGat7TH media team to display printed material across the plaza.



Reach targeted clients with a strong social media presence. I understand what it takes to make inbound marketing techniques successful, what type of images and captions perform well, and how to user analytics to power your platform.

Since working at the UCLA Volunteer Center, I have increased its Instagram following from 700 to 6,500 in two years - that's an increase of an increase of 828%. I apply the methods I used to grow the Center's account to the other accounts I manage.


I am proficient in various Adobe products including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. My ability to create art saves clients money by eliminating the need to bring on additional consultants to complete marketing and tech projects.

I produce clean, aesthetically pleasing material to attract new clients or to raise funds.

  • Print (flyers) and online media
  • Logos
  • Digital banners
  • Reports
  • Vectors



BESPOKE Cycling Studio

Digital banners, print marketing, branding

I've developed materials to increase client acquisition. My work for the studio includes: digital banners, print marketing materials (business cards, flyers, posters), and content development (newsletters).


Aloha Brothers Surf Lessons

Digital banners

Aloha Brothers Surf Lessons needed digital banners to clearly indicate their price list.


UCLA Volunteer Center

Digital banners, social media strategy, branding

Digital banners and inbound marketing techniques were used to recruit volunteers and to promote its resources to the Greater Los Angeles community.


Using InDesign, I've created multipage impact reports for various departments in higher education. I work with vendors to print them in saddle-stitched booklets so that they can be later used for fundraising purposes.

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Mi Hogar

A radio show that focuses on real estate.

Geoff D. Hill

A professional who offers dance lessons on the side.


A life coaching business.