Meeting your creative needs

UCLA Volunteer App

I filmed, edited, and submtited this video for Code for the Mission, a UCLA-wide app competition the seeks software that help solve problems.

Diversity at Marshall High

  • Student Emmy award for Excellence in Arts & Entertainment/Cultural Affairs, 2007
  • Bank of America Achievement Award in the field of Applied Arts/Trades, 2007
This segment explores the diversity among mixed-raced students of John Marshall High School (Los Angeles, CA). It was produced in Adam Watstein's broadcast journalism class in 2006 and won a couple of awards.

UCLA Tutoring Program

I edited the footage and sound this short, informative piece for a UCLA tutoring volunteer program.

SCFF 2011

I produced this for UCSC's F&DM's Santa Cruz Film Festival 2011 showcase. I edited short clips from the selected films by UCSC students to the music of RJD2's "Chicken-Bone Circuit". Nothing is mine, except for the editing.


Two strangers take their obsession with glitter to the next level.
This narrative was an assignment for film 170b: Introduction to Film Production. Constraints: non-sync sound; theme: strangers meet and exchange something, literally or metaphorically


  • Santa Cruz Film Festival 2011
Victor, an outstanding student, faces uncertaincy as he is about to graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Without legal citizenship, he finds that his future career and job opportunities are limiting. This film was produced by Jesus Chuy Rosales. I participated as an actress, co-editor, and script supervisor.