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Until the Last Paddle

This short documentary explores the Long Beach dragon boat community through TK Kimura’s inspiring story. TK's mission of bettering herself and the people around her sheds light on the power of love, community, positivity, and fitness. Today these principles strengthen TK’s will to live her best life as she battles ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), a disease she faces after beating cancer 17 years prior.

This documentary was selected for the 2020 Independent Short Awards and the 43rd Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles.

Long Beach Dragon Boat Fest

A brief overview of the 2019 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival produced for the Southern California Dragon Boat Club.

Naples Island Swim & SUP

The 2019 Naples Island Swim & SUP, hosted by Aquatic Capital of America, is an open water swimming and paddle board competition featuring seven races of differing lengths.

Review: Skating L.A. River

A skater's overview of the Los Angeles River Bicycle Path.

UCLA Volunteer App

I filmed, edited, and submtited this video for Code for the Mission, a UCLA-wide app competition the seeks software that help solve problems.

Diversity at Marshall High

This segment explores the diversity among mixed-raced students of John Marshall High School (Los Angeles, CA). It was produced in Adam Watstein's broadcast journalism class in 2006 and won a couple of awards.

  • Student Emmy award for Excellence in Arts & Entertainment/Cultural Affairs, 2007
  • Bank of America Achievement Award in the field of Applied Arts/Trades, 2007