Ople in large numbers, so this couldn’t be influenza. viagra drug patent expirations Flat-out denial the first reaction of the authorities was, for many of the most important ones, just flat-out denial. viagra online This was simply too large an event for them to deal with, not only in policy, but to even to think about constructively. So,the chief health officer of new york, a man named royal copeland, denied it when it became undeniable. best time day take daily dose viagra He said it wasn’t any great danger. buy viagra online He talked a good game throughout the entire, epidemic and there were other people like him right across the united states. It’s easy to blame these people in retrospect, but, of course, we have the advantage of hindsight. cheap viagra This was simply too big for them to take in as fast as they needed to take it in. If it had been a slow-moving epidemic, maybe they would have had a month, two months to realize, yeah, it really is happening out there. Instead, down the telegraph wires would come these almost unbelievable stories. viagra medication guide If they were believable you’re supposed to do something, if they were unbelievable, you didn’t have to do anything. A lot of health officers were, and a lot of politicians to whom the health officers would have to— people they’d have to convince, preferred not to face it. best time day take daily dose viagra Influenza is very democratic there’s an old american tradition that we are the most moral people on the face of the earth and therefore these visitations from an angry god don’t hit us, they hit somebody else. Most epidemic diseases hit the poor harder than they do the rich, the elites; and so a lot of the elites wouldn’t face up to this. The way out of the excuse of not facing up to this is by saying, “it won’t hit us on the hill, it’ll hit those people down there, the immigrants in the lowlands. taking half viagra pill ” this had been true about tuberculosis and a number of the most prevalent diseases of the time, but influenza’s very very democratic. No correct thing to do there were two enormously important things going on at once and they were at right angles to each other. One, of course, was the influenza epidemic which dictated that you should sort of shut everything down; and the war which demanded that everything should speed up — that certainly the factories should continue operating. order viagra online You should continue to have bond drives. generic viagra canada Soldiers should be drafted and sent to the camps jammed into barracks, put on boats with bunks six high, and sent off to france. buy viagra without prescription One of the great tragedies of the situation is t. what happens if women use viagra

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